Steff (unable_to_smile) wrote,

update from last friday..

i haven't updated in a lonnng time. it's because my layout was pissing me off, and i hate updating in an ugly journal. it's just good and plain now, but that's alright..just like me. eeee.

last friday i went to the bush rally with melissa and dave. yes, us school (and college) skippers skipped school. !!. how dare we. but yes, we left at the same time that me and meliss usually go to school, meliss drove, we got there, went looking for a seat, blah blah blah..finally found some, since we had the green passes (i think those were the lame ones, haH!)
although i do not support either candidate, i do like bush slightly more than kerry-i don't know, kerry just seems ignorant to me; but either way, i was like, all excited when bush came out to talk. i wanted to yell, i love you bush, but figured he'd never hear me, and besides, that wouldn't sound too good.
afterwards we went to ruby tuesday, it being around twelve-thirty, one o'clock. eric was going to go since he was at the rally too, but his mom wouldn't let him, so we just waited around in the parking lot, unknowing that he couldn't go. he never called back to say he couldn't go either. oh boy did i flip on him. oh did i.
at ruby tuesday we had this hyper make a long story short, i thought he was hot, turns out that he's gay, i made friends with him and he wants me to come visit him at work. we can be girlfriennnds, melissa said he probably wants. we can go shopping together and have sleepovers..and..and..hahaha. but yeah, i'm supposed to be on some kind of diet, so ruby tuesday won't work for me, judging from the killer cheese fries i order everytime i go there, which is like, every day. the guy (matt) goes, 'get a salad! don't be silly!.' haha.
+, i did something funny. i got sour creme and put it all over my lips and in a gay voice, go, can i have some more of that white stuff?' (it was dave's idea) matt bursts out laughing and is like, i'm not even gonna say a word.

hahah, he rocks, and sure as hell i'm gonna go back up there, he rocks as i said. wonder what my mom'd say though, if he started calling me (judging from how all you know how the gay guys flock to me)-he's almost 24. oh well. !! haha.

afterwards, we picked up eric in wyoming and went to my house, where we parted ways (since dave lives directly across the street from me).

that's all for last friday's update. i'm going to go update from the past week, that is, until eric gets here to take me to work.
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