Steff (unable_to_smile) wrote,

the week's past upbringings..(correct word? who cares.)

let me much has been going on lately, i cannot even remember it all.
so i'll just mention a few items.

-saturday is my parent's wedding. yes, my parents, who have been together since they were fifteen, are finally getting married. seventy or so people in attendance, and i'm playing violin. eek. i'll elaborate more later, though.

-my dog keeps having seizures. she like, falls over and then is extremely tired, where afterwards she sleeps on me and then an hour or so later wakes up and is back to normal. i don't get it. i don't know.

-three kids in my english class like me. yes, three. that's like a record. one is just weird, one's dorky and one's just..eek. the one wrote me poems and showed them to me today. they're like, 'my beautiful one, who is reading this now..' i'm like, !!. holy moly. that is so freaky. the one's not thaaat into me though, i think he dropped it after a few, but the other two are like, wham!..i mean, writing me poems? he's like, uhh, the only reason i don't go after HER is because i heard that she has a boyfriend..and all other clues point to me, duh, obviously. eric wants to beat them all up.

update later. gotta get to work.
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