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Steff's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

she came and went, i gnawed through my lip
makeup smeared in her eyes, each sob's a reason to say goodbye
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[10 Nov 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

to make a long story short..

I WAS AT THE MALL YESTERDAY AND MET THE TWO GUITARISTS OF KILLSWITCH ENGAGE AND KERRY KING OF SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, they were there, TOTALLY, and eric's like 'OMG I THINK THAT'S THE TWO GUITARISTS OF KILLSWITCH!' and i'm like, 'holy shit it's not, it's not, ahhh!'.. but indeed it was. when they were leaving i ran up to them and was like, 'omg are you the guys from killswitch?' and INDEED IT WAS.

again, to make a long story short, i hung out with them for a good fifteen minutes, until adam from killswitch told me to go get a napkin so i could write down my phone number. then, that's when eric came over, and we were blabbing for awhile, and, HE SAID ME, ERIC AND CHARLES WOULD GET IN THE SHOW TONIGHT FOR FREE! guest list babyyyyyyy.

then, a second later, kerry king from slayer came up and was like, 'yo man, what's up?' and shook hands with eric. i was still flipping out by that time and got their autographs & whatnot.


thank GOD (or somebody) that i was at the right place at the right time..thankgoodness my fat ass beckoned me to get some gross peking chef's sweet and sour chicken..and thankgod they were in the food court, sitting a few tables away from me, when eric recognized them..


and that's not all. TODAY, TODAY, when they said they'd call me (since i gave them all three-me, eric and charles' #'s), melissa and charles came over after school and we're sitting there listening to killswitch, and sure enough, every time the phone rang, i'd flip and be like, AHH!! but it wasn't them. it'd be my mom, eric, whatever..but then, finally, a private name, private number called, i put it on speakerphone and, VOILE! it was the killswitch's merch guy (good enough!!!) he's like, 'yo, is this steff?' 'yesssss!' 'yeah, hey, we met you up the mall yesterday, guess what?! YOU GUYS ARE ON THE GUESTLIST FOR TONIGHT!'

i started FLIPPING. i was like, holy shit, i love you i love you i love you..!

so yeah..us three are on the guestlist. thirty buck killswitch/slayer tix for FREE. absolutely fuckin' free. AHH.

i never thought it'd happen. well, i had a feeling, 'cause they were super-nice and all, and after eric dropped me off at work (that was after we met them), he went up the truck stop by his house and the lead singer of slayer was there, and he was hanging out with him for a bit, and he was like, hell yeah, i'm def getting you guys in!!

whoa, momma. i was like, 'I WANNA HANG BACKSTAGE!' and he's like, 'there's really no backstage, but yeah anyways.' i was flipping more, and then he said something about going out to..eat. hmm. i do not know.

but yes, charles and meliss are over here now, AND..killswitch in a few hours! eeek. i'm going to bring my camera, my camera, my camera, and meet them (again), and again and again, and buy a killswitch shirt and get it signed, and brag, brag and brag more and more then i already did today..hahahaha.

on top of THAT, i am (possibly) getting a new job. interview, hot ripoff (topic), tomorrow, at one-thirty. ooh freakin' yeah.

can my life possibly get any better? i have good grades (so far), amazing show tonight, potential job..what else can go better?

jesus christ. i have never been happier.

adios, prozac!..haha, i wish.


the week's past upbringings..(correct word? who cares.) [28 Oct 2004|04:41pm]
let me see..so much has been going on lately, i cannot even remember it all.
so i'll just mention a few items.

-saturday is my parent's wedding. yes, my parents, who have been together since they were fifteen, are finally getting married. seventy or so people in attendance, and i'm playing violin. eek. i'll elaborate more later, though.

-my dog keeps having seizures. she like, falls over and then is extremely tired, where afterwards she sleeps on me and then an hour or so later wakes up and is back to normal. i don't get it. i don't know.

-three kids in my english class like me. yes, three. that's like a record. one is just weird, one's dorky and one's just..eek. the one wrote me poems and showed them to me today. they're like, 'my beautiful one, who is reading this now..' i'm like, !!. holy moly. that is so freaky. the one's not thaaat into me though, i think he dropped it after a few, but the other two are like, wham!..i mean, writing me poems? he's like, uhh, the only reason i don't go after HER is because i heard that she has a boyfriend..and all other clues point to me, duh, obviously. eric wants to beat them all up.

update later. gotta get to work.

update from last friday.. [28 Oct 2004|04:27pm]
i haven't updated in a lonnng time. it's because my layout was pissing me off, and i hate updating in an ugly journal. it's just good and plain now, but that's alright..just like me. eeee.

last friday i went to the bush rally with melissa and dave. yes, us school (and college) skippers skipped school. !!. how dare we. but yes, we left at the same time that me and meliss usually go to school, meliss drove, we got there, went looking for a seat, blah blah blah..finally found some, since we had the green passes (i think those were the lame ones, haH!)
although i do not support either candidate, i do like bush slightly more than kerry-i don't know, kerry just seems ignorant to me; but either way, i was like, all excited when bush came out to talk. i wanted to yell, i love you bush, but figured he'd never hear me, and besides, that wouldn't sound too good.
afterwards we went to ruby tuesday, it being around twelve-thirty, one o'clock. eric was going to go since he was at the rally too, but his mom wouldn't let him, so we just waited around in the parking lot, unknowing that he couldn't go. he never called back to say he couldn't go either. oh boy did i flip on him. oh did i.
at ruby tuesday we had this hyper waiter..to make a long story short, i thought he was hot, turns out that he's gay, i made friends with him and he wants me to come visit him at work. we can be girlfriennnds, melissa said he probably wants. we can go shopping together and have sleepovers..and..and..hahaha. but yeah, i'm supposed to be on some kind of diet, so ruby tuesday won't work for me, judging from the killer cheese fries i order everytime i go there, which is like, every day. the guy (matt) goes, 'get a salad! don't be silly!.' haha.
+, i did something funny. i got sour creme and put it all over my lips and in a gay voice, go, can i have some more of that white stuff?' (it was dave's idea) matt bursts out laughing and is like, i'm not even gonna say a word.

hahah, he rocks, and sure as hell i'm gonna go back up there, he rocks as i said. wonder what my mom'd say though, if he started calling me (judging from how all you know how the gay guys flock to me)-he's almost 24. oh well. !! haha.

afterwards, we picked up eric in wyoming and went to my house, where we parted ways (since dave lives directly across the street from me).

that's all for last friday's update. i'm going to go update from the past week, that is, until eric gets here to take me to work.

no more friends only entries, i like people i don't know reading my shit, thankyouverymuch. [17 Oct 2004|06:55pm]
long time no update. oh well. a lot has been going on.

monday, last monday, the 11th, was graduation project day. melissa picked me up bright and early, we presented, and needless to say, both got acceptable. FUCK THAT shit. haha. seriously. 'specially her. she did tons better than me and should have gotten that. oh well. life always dicks you over..
after we presented we went to my house, sat around for awhile, then went out for chinese. after that she dropped me off, and two seconds later, eric came over. we sat around and did who knows what,,,and walked to the string shoppe to get a book for my parents' wedding. that's a whole 'nother story, though.
we came back and my mom was home. we were just sitting around and all of a sudden you hear this weird noise..it was my dog on the steps, trying to breathe. i like, flipped out and dove into eric's arms, where i started bawling hysterically. my mom immediately called the vet, she went the next day, and found out..

my dog has cancer.

she has a fucking tumor in her mouth. no wonder that morning i had let her rest her head on my arm and when i lifted my arm up, blood was all over it. gross as it sounds, i don't care. why does she have to have a fucking tumor?..i mean, sure she is seventeen, same age as me, but still..i mean..i don't know. +, the doctor said that she had to get an operation, but like, most definitely she wouldn't make it, because they'd have to put her under for it. but afterwards, he decides, no, i'm not gonna do it. so let her suffer?..the second i see her suffering,.. i'm not going to let my baby suffer.

the past five days have been nothing but me crying. my mom crying. and (possibly) my dad crying. it's kind of weird though, i never see him cry. i can tell when he's upset though. mostly me crying, though. i go into school looking like more shit than i usually do, because i was up practically all night crying.

this just sucks.

the past two days have been nothing but us buying her everything imaginable to eat. she keeps losing weight and is down to like, twelve now. we buy her milkshakes, baby food..she can't eat anything hard.
my dad was talking to my neighbor though, and she has the same type of dog that princess is, and her dog had the same effin' thing wrong with her, too. and her dog's tumor bust and her teeth fell out, but that was five/six years ago and she's still alive.


my dad asked me the other day if i ever prayed. i'm like, no. why would an atheist pray?..for real. who would i exactly pray to?..he said i should pray for my dog. so indeed i did. but i didn't pray to anyone in particular, i looked at my ceiling and wished, because frankly, i don't believe any of that shit. but if praying is what it takes, i will do that. and lots of it too.

in other news..happier news..today's me and eric's year-and-five-month anniversary. congrats to us. +, i'm on a major diet. results should come within the next week, i tell ya, week.

there's so many other things i should put in here, but have forgot about. i'd be online and come to eljay, but click on the 'X' once the site loaded. i don't know why. sorry, internet stalkers.

i'm going to go.

'til later..

[04 Oct 2004|04:40pm]
ignore the look of my lj..for now. it's being majorly rebooted.

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